INTRASTAT is a system of provision of information about trade flows between the EU Member States.
A company that must provide Intrastat reports may use the services of Intrastat report fulfilling through brokers.
Customs brokerage service became one of the main activities of JSC “Laimonas and the Brothers” in 2004, and the fulfilment of Intrastat reports, determination of Customs codes and classification of goods – the most important part of this activity. Upon the need, we also help to declare imported and exported goods from the third countries.
Intrastat and extrastat: what is it – Both of these terms describe accounting systems that record data on Lithuania’s trade with other countries. The main difference is that the instatat is intended for accounting with European Union countries, while the extrastat is for non-European Union countries. This data is collected by the customs department and then transferred to the statistics department and the processed data is used to improve the economic situation.